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Visa Services

Everyone who arrives in Australia, apart from Australian Citizens, must have a visa to allow them to enter and stay. There are approximately 100 visa categories which are administered by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The visa system is extremely complex and varied, with each visa class and subclass being unique. The visa subclasses are divided into two groups

  • Permanent Visas
  • Temporary Visas

Permanent visas are for people wishing to move to Australia permanently. They can often lead to achieving Australian Citizenship.

They are generally available for three main groups of applicants

  • Skilled Workers
  • Family Members
  • Business People

Temporary visas are available for many people including

  • Subclass 457 Business Long Stay Visas
  • Tourists

However, some temporary visas may lead to permanency, i.e. partner, business skills and Regional Sponsored visas. So, when considering whether or not you are eligible for a visa, there are many criteria that need to be addressed.

Here, at New Life Down Under, we specialise in the following categories

Most visas have specific requirements for where they may be lodged, i.e. in or out of Australia

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Australian immigration law regularly changes. Therefore the information on this website can not be deemed as immigration advice or assistance. It is also worth visiting the Department of Home Affairs website for up to date information.

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